Different Versions of us

This week we talk about the phenomena of our ability to show different personas of ourselves in different environments. -The lighting has changed due to a new lighting set and may change -I am aware the mic hits my cardigan throughout -My cat kept bumping into my camera -I was not about to re-film Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends!

The inspiring quote from the classic film Shrek “Ogres are like onions”, is how i’m going to introduce you to the idea that we as humans and souls show different sides of us. 

I don’t know about you, but I have many different sides of me… like, MANY different sides. There’s this professional side of me that I show you to give you a sense of security, consistency and warmth. There’s my daily “normal” personality which is brash, bold, rough around the edges. Monotone, weird, and inappropriate. 

There’s the friend side of me, work side of me, the alluring me who knows how to attract  others, the acquaintance me who is more reserved but also outgoing, the hip hop version, the lana del rey version, the ghostemane me who brings out the 4th grade goth in me, the fleetwood mac me, the depressed and anxious me, there’s just so many me’s and so many you’s.

Like Shrek says, “Ogres are like onions, and onions have layers.” Ding ding ding! So do we. Our personalities, and our souls- whose layers go hand in hand. 

Rebecca Beris explains it into three examples of how our mind works- Our Imaginative Network which is where our empathy lies, where we reflect and express emotions, and where we develop our standards of others and ourselves – so judgement, love, self-depreciation. 

Our Executive Network, where we analyze our surroundings and tasks and find resolution, and where our flight or fight lives. And our Salience Network, where your true motives live, and the behind the scenes in your thinking process, the messenger per se. 

The layers of our soul fall into these networks. We have our 3rd chakra of overwhelming feelings and our 4th chakra of self love in the Imaginative Network where are responsive emotions and actions and thoughts live. 

Those are the components of how our brain functions. Now let’s talk about the components of our soul. 

We have our 1st chakra of survival instincts in our Executive Network state of mind, where we use our quick thinking and engineering skills to provide what we need. And interestingly enough, our Salience Network, the subconscious and background of our mindset, the true self, obtains the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakra. The 2nd being the deeper meaning behind actions. The 5th being the true purpose of being. The 6th being insight and harmony- growth and eb and flow of life’s lessons. And the 7th being true enlightenment which I will say for lack of better words is the understanding of how and why all of the chakras of the soul function and accepting it with eagerness and positivity. 

Now, combine our mindset that Rebecca Beris gives us and put it in an environment. Add how the chakras of our soul function in this mindset in this environment, and you will see the different faces of you. The different personalities and vibes you provide and adapt to. The public face, the home face, the face in solitude, at work, with friends, around acquaintances, the face you show when you’re trying to be alluring, and the face you show your parents. 

The layers of our mind and the layers of our soul together make our personalities.

Let’s picture-  now you have this onion of a mind, soul and personality per person. You have all these onions in one environment with their different layers in which some thrive together and some conflict. So when you walk into an environment where you feel it’s just not your crowd, you either shell up due to the incompatibility of the auras around you, or you learn to adapt to their vibe in order to “survive”, sometimes literally but also just socially. 

So why is it we show these different sides of us? Some people might take it wrong and assume your fake if you’re not showing the side THEY see. But only you truly know if you’re being two-faced, fake and basic. 

Truly, just like we go through different phases in our life, the angsty teen who learns by experience and makes bold decisions, or the scene kid phase, or the holistic hippie phase we try in college – Different people bring out different phases and beings in us. Sometimes the better versions and sometimes not so much. Trust me, one person might tell you I’m a complete self-centered A-hole and another might say I’m the sweetest most genuine person they’ve ever met. 

All of these experiences we go through whether it’s the environment we’re put into, the people we’re surrounded by, the emotions we go through, the choices we ponder, and the actions we partake in – develops the characteristics we portray to ourselves and mostly to others. All of this is a part of growth, and the ability to adapt in any scenario we find ourselves in. 

It is detrimental character development to not only our earthbound personalities, but also our soul’s purpose. 

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