What happens after we die?

Such a common question we all ask ourselves, and an important staple in religious texts: "What happens after we die?" I have dabbled in so many religions and philosophies but I found my most concrete answers in my own personal experience: Asking the dead. All of my life, and most recently very frequently; I have … Continue reading What happens after we die?


Update on BPD

I've been doing so well on my meds. After upping and doubling my mood stabilizers I've come to like, my mental health has been quite calm and collective most days. I have my moments, as everyone does, but these moments are tolerable, controlled, short, and sometimes needed. I just wish that I wasn't so sensitive. … Continue reading Update on BPD


She wisps through your hair like wind in the trees Watching you carefully, pupils dilated with admiration You are deaf until the day you hear her calling softly And numb until you feel her warm, familiar touch She grabs you, and the warmth fades to freezing The air around you has fallen like the sun … Continue reading Up