Get to know life’s true purpose

Understanding the language of the universe will help ease hardships and guide you in the path you were meant to walk

We are all tourists in this physical life, living one vessel to another. Each vessel is a new perspective, with its own plot, to teach our true selves – our core- a lesson we have not yet learned. We are all in our own classroom, studying some subjects harder than others, as foreign visitors.

As your Taurust guide, I help you navigate your lifetime syllabus by teaching you how to read the language of the universe so that you are able to check off your karmic debt with open eyes, and harvest good outcomes in your desire.

How can we attain our goals and live our life to the fullest?

Simple. By making small adjustments to our lifestyle, and training our mental perspective. Life is what you make it, and with negative thoughts and patterns of action – negative outcomes occur. Sometimes, we don’t realize that some of things we do daily hinder our ability to think and see clearly. By making lifestyle adjustments, you can help clear your mind and see the world for what it really is, and how to navigate it.

What will help us understand our true purpose:

  • Lifestyle improvement and personal growth
  • The metaphysical and how it correlates to us

I use a combination of life coaching, organizational skills, astrology and understanding why it impacts us, and messages from the ethereal through clairsentience via tarot, dream interpretation, intuition, and symbolism throughout your life. By opening ourselves to receiving and releasing energy, we can better manifest our lifetime desires.