Hello! I’m Ms Kay

I’m your dedicated Taurust guide to help you navigate your soul’s true purpose and bring balance into your life. We are all tourists here in this lifetime, visiting the physical world and learning along the way by seeing and experiencing new things throughout our lives. New people enter our lives for periods of time, and others pass us by. We grow from certain situations, and in others we keep getting the same results – Each aspect of our lives is there for a reason, and I want to teach you how to master looking at life in the perspective of opportunity rather than obstacles.

“When I noticed that I was repeating the same mistakes, that how I was living my life by the mentality I carried, and that the actions I pursued was a never ending pattern; I discovered the language of the universe. “

The language of the universe was something that I had understood from a young age, although I had never applied it until I was about fifteen. When reading The Alchemist, the self help novel by Paulo Coehlo, I was going through the epitome of bipolar depression. The Alchemist validates that the ‘Soul of the World’ is an intertwined divine energy between living and nonliving things. Because we are much bigger than the world, I call this the language of the universe. What the book was at the time for me was a message from the universe telling me that I am the creator of my own life. If I wanted to help myself climb out of the suicidal pit of bipolar depression, and stop going to bed sobbing every night- I needed to stop doing whatever I was doing, because the way I was doing things at the time clearly wasn’t working for my mental health.

Instead of isolating myself and caving in to my addiction to solitude and self pity, I forced myself to smile and accept invitations to hangouts with friends. Instead of staying locked up in my room scrolling through social media, I started walking my dog every day after school. Little things that took me step by step in the opposite direction- even fake happiness for things I clearly did not want to be doing- turned my life around and gave me the mentality I was searching for, which then evolved into gratitude and genuine happiness.

When I started taking steps towards the path I wanted to be on, I started noticing signs from the universe. The universe will always send symbols your way when you are on the right path vs when you are on the wrong one. On the wrong path, we are distracted and blind; too caught up in our own desires to notice these messages, all we can trust is our intuition. When we are on the right path, the universe sees we are open to receiving messages from the universe and sends us symbols we are familiar with. Have you ever looked at the clock and noticed a number pattern that meant something to you? Have you ever heard a song that symbolized someone or something?

Think of when you learned a new vocabulary word in grade school, and then all of a sudden, you see and hear this word everywhere even though you never used to. This is the language of the universe showing you that you are growing.

We are human. We cannot learn from mistakes if we do not make mistakes. Some patterns are repeated more than once until you finally get the picture, so if you are sick of going through the same patterns more than once, you have come to the right place. Life is all about trial and error, what I have learned is that if you’re not getting the results you want from the actions and mindset you have, you need to change your actions and mindset.

How I can help you listen to the language of the universe:

I use symbolism in multiple ways to understand and teach the language of the universe. Astrology is a big part of the map. Astrology is more than a general horoscope based on your sun sign, it is a snapshot of all the planets and where they were aligned the moment you took your first breath. A Virgo with a Libra moon and Cancer rising will be a completely different person than a Virgo with a Leo moon and Scorpio rising. I use natal charts to not only help others understand themselves, but to understand the lessons they have learned in this life and past lives, and lessons they still need to learn in this life and future lives. Understanding your chart helps you see clearly, it’s a way of pointing into the unknown of adulthood and saying, “Go this way if you want this result”.

The second biggest factor in the language of the universe are messages from your spirit guides. These are beings that have either lived with you in a physical life and have dedicated themselves to your current lifetime, or beings that have always been with your soul guiding you. There’s a high chance you have more than one, as usually some will stick around for multiple lives, and some others will come in and out for specific lessons. Spirit guides tend to send signals to us through symbolism in order to push us in the right direction. These are the moments where you see the same number you have seen your whole life, at specific moments. That feeling you get when you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be doing what you’re doing. When you feel fight or flight, or strong intuition. When something bizarre happens and fits perfectly but it’s almost too unreal to be coincidental. Spirit guides are the parents that non-verbally reprimand us when we misbehave, and praise us when we do what we’re supposed to. If you aren’t keeping an open eye out for these signals, you’ll miss the message. Until you are ready to open your eyes and understand the lessons you need to grow from, your guides will not help someone who refuses to listen and be helped.

Spirit guides can also be reached through tarot cards. Tarot is quite literally just a bunch of symbolism that we need to interpret, when you put your energy into the deck with a physical touch and a question, fate will lay the cards out the way they need to be laid out. “How long do I shuffle for?” Whenever it feels right. Tarot is best used in specific situations you feel lost in, or need insight on to make decisions. It is one of the most effective ways to work your conscious out and clear your head when stuck. Better yet, Tarot is great for understanding others in a situation where there is a lack of communication.

Dreams are also a huge resource for receiving messages. More people than not have claimed a loved one had visited them in their dreams, and they know it wasn’t just a dream. It feels different than a dream, even after you wake up. Spirit guides can also do this by sending symbols or messages through the plot of your dreams. Next time you have a vivid dream, look up things you can remember online and put together a picture, as dreams are almost never literal. For example: ‘What does a green snake in your dream mean?’ ‘What does a red bird symbolize?’ ‘Dreaming of car crash’ etc.

The third biggest factor in reading the language of the universe is maintaining a clear mind. This is probably the hardest task, as it sounds easier than done. Having a clear mind is more than just not using profanity, eating healthy, being sober, exercising and meditating (although they do help). Having a clear mind is more so about organizing your mindset and setting boundaries with yourself, and other people. How can you help yourself and have a clear mind if you have toxic relationships with others? If you are constantly a stepping stone for others? If you do not have emotional and financial security? Set boundaries with others, set goals for yourself, and maintain that drive.

With me as your Taurust guide, I will go over these three main key factors in learning the language of the universe by vlogging about how to understand and approach them. If you do not understand yourself, you cannot understand the world its purpose. There are multitudes of realities that people live in each day. Envision the reality you want to live in and live by, and work step by step every day until you reach that mindset.

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