Taurus Makeup | Do Makeup with me!

This week, we do Taurus makeup! Sorry for the late upload, it was a cruddy day and on top of that, multiple technical difficulties. With every storm comes a rainbow. Let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! Makeup used: -IL MAKIAGE Primer -e.l.fContinue reading “Taurus Makeup | Do Makeup with me!”

Aries Makeup | Do Makeup With Me!

So I’ve gotten multiple requests to do makeup which, normally isn’t my thing, but definitely worth trying! To correlate it with my channel we’ll be doing Zodiac themes, starting with Aries along with some Aries Zodiac facts. I’m not claiming to be great at makeup so in no way is this a true tutorial, butContinue reading “Aries Makeup | Do Makeup With Me!”

The Capitol, Inauguration, Impeachment: What’s to come?

-Please be aware that this was a general reading and not a specific question. If you would like me to ask specific questions, please comment below what I should read in my next video! -Sorry for the delay, I’m exhausted. -I tried that magnetic lash thing and obviously it ain’t for me, leave me alone.Continue reading “The Capitol, Inauguration, Impeachment: What’s to come?”

Dream Interpretation

Now, you might be someone who says you never dream, but you do in fact dream, you just don’t remember it. Dreaming is said to occur during REM state of sleep which happens on average about 3 times per night – or day if you’re a bat. And I disagree.  One reason I disagree withContinue reading “Dream Interpretation”

Exercise: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

Most people think of exercising as this exhausting chore to lose or gain weight because we’re unhappy with our body figure. And while that may be the case for some, I want you to consider making that priority last – and putting mental and spiritual health first.  Now I have had my fair share ofContinue reading “Exercise: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually”