Birthday Number Meaning

Birth Day numbers are pretty self explanatory, what day were you born? And even easier is the fact that we’re not breaking anything down to add it together. So it’s 1-31! The birth day you were born on is pretty much the natural talents you have been given in this lifetime. So let’s begin!

If you are a 1: You create ideas and opportunities. Life is what you make it and you are the main character. Endurance is your keyword. 

If you are a 2: You are non-judgemental and a forgiving person. You seek harmony, justice, and balance. Humble fairness is your mantra. 

If you are a 3: You are quick witted and persuasive. You know how to carry a conversation and communicate your feelings. 

If you are a 4: You are reliable and trustworthy. You give others emotional security and tend to be the backbone in most of your relationships whether it’s work, intimate, friendship, or relative.

If you are a 5: Adaptation is your middle name. Your mind is open to all ideas and walks of life, giving you a plethora of personalities to blend in – in any environment. This makes you approachable to most people. 

If you are a 6: You are the protector. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you are proud of it. You take on the pain of others willingly in order to help them heal. Sacrifice is something you volunteer. 

If you are a 7: You are very self aware and in tune with spiritual planes. You look at the big picture and want to know answers to mysteries that cannot be solved. Curiosity is your keyword. 

If you are an 8: Independence comes naturally. You don’t ask for help because you don’t need it and enjoy the satisfaction of completing goals yourself. It makes you feel accomplished and proud. It is very clear to you how to achieve your goals. 

If you are a 9: Volunteer work and empathy satisfy your soul. You need to be needed and enjoy helping others because you feel for them and want everyone to have a chance at life’s rewards. Creating a happy environment for others makes a happy environment for you.

If you are a 10: You are the whole team. You come up with innovative ideas, plan them, execute them, and lead them. People follow your march naturally and look to you for direction. 

If you are an 11: You have the ability to ‘feel out’ the room. You can feel the emotions of others just by being in the same room, and sometimes not even being near them at all. Watching things like the news negatively affect you and takes a toll on you. Because you have to cope with this, you have become a good supporter.

If you are a 12: You are extremely creative in the medium you’ve chosen, and possibly more than one. Hobbies are your passion and you would be smart to make one a career. 

If you are a 13: You know how to make a vision a tangible reality and are capable of getting others to see your view. This is a natural born director and producer. 

If you are a 14: You are open minded, but hesitant in what you try. You are non-judgemental of others, but that doesn’t always mean you will participate. You are not one to be peer pressured, if you are trying something new, it is because you want to. 

If you are a 15: You are accompanied by all walks of life and your arms are open wide. You enjoy getting to know others – their likes and dislikes, what makes people tick, and this makes you an intense charmer. 

If you are a 16: You are the type of person to ask the smiling person “what’s wrong?”. People’s masks do not fool you because you are so intuitive. You see the hidden agenda and the hidden feelings and truths of others that often go overlooked. 

If you are a 17: You work better alone and prefer it this way. You are a quiet worker, but your results shine brighter than your peers. I like to think of these people as prodigies like Shawn from the good doctor. 

If you are an 18: You feel compelled to make a mark in the world you live in before you leave it. You do believe the world can be a better place and that we must all do our part. You want peace. 

If you are a 19: You will do anything it takes to provide you the lifestyle that you envision for yourself and those you love. Every man for themself is always in the back of your mind, and you will make sure you’re at the top. 

If you are a 20: You are very relatable to all walks of life due to the fact that you relate spiritually versus physically. This allows you to tap into your 6th sense and pick up on true emotions of others, giving you the ability to tend to these shy souls.

If you are a 21: You are naturally charismatic in social settings. This makes you an excellent networker who knows how to make a memory.

If you are a 22: You have a determined mind that allows you to build from the bottom and rise at the top. You work best in groups and involuntarily lead others. 

If you are a 23: Life is a ride, and you are the drunk friend in the back seat. You cruise through everything and everybody that comes to you. You’re the type to say, “i’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

If you are a 24: You do what others cannot when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with others. Most people get emotionally overwhelmed and need to be there for others at a distance. For you, this comes naturally and you become everyone’s rock they can count on.

If you are a 25: Your thirst of knowledge brings your curiosity to places no one would even think. You wonder and wander throughout your life but would rather feel the information and experience it than to live to tell it. 

If you are a 26: You love to help others with your efforts. You need to impact others lives and see their lives flourish because of it. Volunteer work or mental health profession would be great for you. You don’t stop until you see positive results. 

If you are a 27: You have an open mind and heart to everyone and everything around you. You use the information you are given to benefit others and you root for the underdog. 

If you are a 28: You let others use their voice, and value what each voice has to say. You want to know multiple perspectives, because you know that true success takes a team like raising a child takes a village. 

If you are a 29: Your mind is naturally inclined to solve puzzles. You do not think in the box, and can clearly see how everything works. This would make a great philosopher or engineer.

If you are a 30: You know how to turn your words and ideas into tangible projects that benefit others. You are original, and inventive. 

If you are a 31: You are like 30, but your creativity is insane and incomparable to others. You sound crazy at first, until people see you manifest your ideas. 

This is the end of our Numerology videos. By now, hopefully you have all your five core numbers and you can see how each makes up the person you are today. Just like a natal chart, there are so many different areas in your life and yourself that these attributes apply to. 

Author: Ms Kay

Your personal Taurust guide in life and the metaphysical

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