Your Personality Number

Your Personality number is the lifetime accumulation of everything that makes you ‘you’. These are the clothes your soul wears in this one particular lifetime, and is found by adding only the consonants of your full name, using the Pythagorean Alphabet. 

So, If your name is John Robert Doe, we add JHN, RBRT, D – or 1+8+5, 9+2+9+2, and 4 to get 40=4. In our other videos, we talk about leaving master numbers 11,22 and 33 alone without breaking them down, but for your personality number, we break down even the master numbers to form a single digit. This, in my humble opinion, is because our personalities are flawed and insignificant to our soul’s purpose in just one lifetime, so there’s no ability to be a master number personality, versus a soul urge number which has higher meaning. 

So, add up your full name’s consonants and break it down to a single digit!

If you are a 1: your personality is fiery and bold. You take the lead in most areas of your life, or at least you want to. 1’s are confident, bossy, and stubborn people who are not easily persuaded. They know what they want and they will do whatever it takes to get it. 

A 2 is quite the opposite, in where they would rather be the wingman to a leader like a 1. They are trustworthy people who want to aid others – especially emotionally. They desire harmony, justice and balance. They are victim to getting taken advantage of, but they would rather be known for helping and being disappointed than to be closed off towards people who may need them. 

A 3 is quite the charming smooth talker and they know how to talk to people whether its cheering them up, tearing them down, convincing them to do something, or disciplining them. Naturally, this makes them quick witted people. 

A 4 is detailed in everything they do. They plan for every outcome, and enjoy knowing what the rules and boundaries are that they need to follow, and expect everyone else to do the same. A 4 is stable in their relationships with family, friends and lovers, and they are logical, rational people. You can always count on them.

5’s are on the other end of the spectrum in which they are the free spirit wild child. Unpredictable by nature, they want to live and let live. 5’s are non-judgemental people and incredibly open minded. They don’t like sticking to one clique or friend group and tend to bounce around people of different walks of life. Most likely they like every genre of music. 

A 6 tends to give the best advice because they adapt their delivery to each person differently. A 6 has actively learned their lessons and are naturally idolized by others, so people come to them looking for guidance. They have the advantage of learning by observing without having to experience, as well. These would make really good children and spouses, because they grow emotionally very well. 

7’s are complicated people. Kind of like the preteen goth who is “misunderstood”, right? So 7’s feel people out before opening up to them, and within the first 45 seconds of meeting someone, they know everything about that said person. They read their past, present, and future intentions, so 7’s can be really cynical and tend to hate people in general. That being said, they have incredibly strong boundaries and don’t allow themselves to get screwed over. 

An 8 is kind of the same as a 7 but not so cynical, they accept the flaws of others and they enjoy learning from mistakes. They truly trust their intuition as law, and they get that shit happens, and that they’re not inferior or superior to anyone or anything. 

A 9 is the same as 8 in a sense, but a 9 is almost like self-actualization. These are naturally attractive people, and not only in looks, but people just gravitate towards them. If the vibe is off in a room, a 9 walks in and lifts the atmosphere almost immediately. They are insightful, humble, and seem to skate through life no matter how much trauma they endure. These are incredibly reliable and resilient people.

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