Soul Urge Number

Your soul urge number is basically the core of your existence. The TRUE you behind your personality and experience. To get this number, you will again use the Pythagorean Alphabet chart for your full name, only this time, we are only counting the vowels. 

So for John Robert Doe, it would be o-o-e-o-e which would be 6-6-5-6-5 and his soul urge number would be 1 because the total = 28, 2+8 =10 and 1+0=1.

If there is a y in your name, only count it if the sound depends on that vowel. So for example, if your name is Shaye, your name would still sound like Shae without the y, so we would not count that y. If your name is Ally, we would count that y.

So without further adieu, here are the soul urge number meanings:

Soul Urge Number 1:  You need to be the best. Life is a game you want to win, and sometimes, you are competing even against yourself. You want to prove yourself to everyone, even you, because you feel a somewhat subconscious fear of wasting a lifetime without feeling accomplished and in control of your own destiny. Without a feeling of fulfillment, your insecurities eat away at you. This is why you can come off as an egomaniac or cocky- but really, you just want the front row seats in life and would rather be known as confident rather than afraid. If you find yourself in the shadows, you become resentful and can overcompensate in areas of your life.

Soul Urge Number 2: *all you need is love*… This is the viewpoint of a 2’s believe our purpose in life is to love and be loved and create harmony, so these are natural mediators, and the ones who are nice to everybody unless you have a hidden agenda that doesn’t follow suit with “be good to thy neighbor” or “love is my religion”. A 2 who feels they are left out and not being shown the love they give out will bring out a bratty attitude out of them.

Soul Urge Number 3: “Everything happens for a reason” is the motto of a 3. They are grateful for what they have and look at life with the glass half full. There is always another, better way, and they want to show others this as well. You can become judgemental of those who refuse to see it your way, and can also fall victim to taking on too many of other people’s burdens. Allow yourself to recharge from drama.

Soul Urge Number 4: You long to throw yourself into one main role and play it perfectly. Whether this is a career driven individual, a present parent, or a devoted lover – you need to be a professional in the role you choose. This can lead to weaknesses in other roles you must play in life. You are allowed to be a grateful grandchild and also a reliable friend. You are allowed to make mistakes as an employee. Don’t put everything in one basket and be easier on yourself. If you do choose to throw all of your attention in one direction, make sure the people, things and places involved are worth your time and effort.

Soul Urge Number 5: Your soul deeply craves wisdom in every experience imaginable. You want to live life to the maximum. So if you are in a monotonous lifestyle, you know subconsciously, your soul is aching to stretch out and explore. You may find yourself wanting to leave everything you know and disappear off to another land at several points in your life. 

Soul Urge Number 6: Your soul urge is to be motherly. Gender and age irrelevant, you enjoy making a safe space for others. You are the true ‘be who you needed when you were younger’. This makes a great friend, parent, and lover – especially to those who suffer from mental and physical illnesses and disabilities. 

Soul Urge Number 7: You need answers. Your soul asks you to question everything around you and define life in your own words. 7’s usually do a lot of soul searching and aim to grow and analyze themselves and the core of existence. This spiritually sound environment allows the 7 to live a physical life more peacefully without the ailments of reality.

Soul Urge Number 8: 8’s are all about action instead of words, so for an 8 – money and power comes along with it. 8’s need stability in order to feel worthy, and the more stability they have, the more they are willing to use their true purpose, which is to ensure their existence marks a difference in this lifetime. They need to leave earth knowing that they will be remembered and missed. A lot of the time, this implies fame and fortune must be obtained. This is not an easy task for this soul, as wealth and notoriety do not come effortlessly. 

Soul Urge Numbers 9, 11, 22 and 33 are all so similar in the way this way:

9-33 have good intentions and seek enlightenment.  They understand that there is more to life than life itself, and they long for self love, growth, and healing. They know they must teach others by being a good role model and by walking the walk. The core difference between the four is that a 9 is a lesser vibration, so it may be hard or rare for a 9 to fulfill this. 

A 9 will usually seek this out for their own wisdom and teach others the knowledge they come across only if provoked. 

An 11 will understand trauma from self experience, and will learn how to heal and grow from it, giving them the ability to help others endure their own trauma. This is a number who can teach others self love and forgiveness.

A 22 will be able to mesh the practical world with the spiritual world, and teach others how to use each to their advantage. A 22 will come off as a brat if their delivery of knowledge is not as humble as they intend. The 22 needs to teach others how to teach others, rather than teaching others how to do what they say.

A 33 is a radiant number that encourages unconditional love in every aspect. They see the good in people, they teach damaged people who lost trust in others to forgive and find the brighter side. A 33 is a healer and transformer to the souls around them, and love is the motive.f

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