Expression Number

Expression numbers, otherwise known as your Destiny number, is basically the deck that’s been handed to you for this lifetime. Your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. To get this, we use the Pythagorean Alphabet chart to add your full name and get a number. 

So if we have Jane Ann Smith, it would be 1+1+5+5+1+5+5+1+4+9+2+8= 47 and 4+7=11. If it were any other 2 digits that are not 11, 22 or 33, we would add them as well. But since it is a master number, Jane’s expression number is 11 and not 2. 

Are you following along? Good because here are the expression number meanings:

Expression Number 1: 1’s lead their own life and write the script.  They don’t wait for opportunities, they make opportunities. Because of this, they do things their way and don’t bother considering other approaches. This can come off as arrogant, but 1’s don’t fix what isn’t broken and prefer to work alone anyhow.

Expression Number 2: 2’s are quite the opposite and love to work with others because they are the backbone. This is because you are empathetic and try to understand others and help them express themselves before yourself. Because your version of expression is to help others lead the way, you doubt your own leadership skills. Do what works for you and remember that you lead by example and not by production.

Expression Number 3: Are excellent planners, communicator and idealists. They have a million different ideas and want the world to know them. However, because they talk so much about their ideas, they have no leftover energy to make them a reality. A 2 would be a good person for them for this reason. 3’s are too busy having fun and bouncing ideas from person to person that they dance along the surface rather than diving deep into the waters of personal relationships.

Expression Number 4: 4’s are tunnel vision planners who execute the plans. Most likely, a group project of 2,3 and 4 will produce high results. 4’s know how to stick to the plan and see to it until it is complete. They are the people who would rather do it themselves than to wait for someone else to do it wrong or halfway. This can lead to poor communication skills and stubbornness if the 4 doesn’t allow patience to take place with others. A 4 is traditional and will stick to the way they know best. They are not risk takers by nature and dedicated at heart. 

Expression Number 5: 5’s are like 2 in the sense that they have so many ideas that they never stick to one and see it through like a 4 would. 5’s want to see and do everything. These are the jack of all trades but the problem is, they’re most likely not a specialist in any of the trades because they dabble so much in everything, they never focus on one to master. This is because to a 5, the purpose of life is to experience as much as you can to be fulfilled and well rounded. 

Expression Number 6: 6’s are incredibly selfless people. They are good lovers, friends and family and put others’ needs before their own. They defend who they love and tend to their emotional needs whenever they are needed. They would make a great parent and a generous spouse. 6’s need to set boundaries though, and make sure to leave enough for themselves, otherwise, they cannot aid others if they are running on e. 

Expression Number 7: 7’s are always looking for the root cause of everything. They need answers, and all of them. They observe and reflect constantly because like is so much more complex to them versus how others see it. Because they are so philosophical and deep, they assume others have hidden motives. Since everything is symbolic in a 7’s mind, they calculate their own actions and assume everyone else does too. To avoid overstimulation, 7’s prefer to be with people they are familiar with than a crowd of strangers. 

Expression Number 8: 8’s are just like 4’s in the sense that they get shit done. 8’s are meticulous in planning and networking in order to execute plans and ideas. They are hooked on the feeling of accomplishment, so they tend to find more and more things to set up. This can be exhausting for their resources, and lead to frustration for the 8. Not every task has a deadline!

Expression Number 9:  9’s are like 6’s in the sense that they are incredibly selfless and kind. 9’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt and have overflowing empathy for people. Not only that, but 9’s try to better others by giving them their own resources. 9’s like to coach others by leading by example, so if a 9 is not on their own positive life path, they are not only being a bad influence for others, but they are straying from their own true identity. 

Expression Number 11: 11’s are natural born leaders who encourage others to live their rightful life path. They are the type who are visionary but cannot put it into words, which is unfortunate for those who admire and try to learn from them. An 11 needs to learn how to articulate their thought process verbally in order for others to learn, otherwise, they are a role-less role model. Their psychic and intuitive ability makes others drawn to them like light to a flame. They are claircognizant by nature and nobody questions it.

Expression Number 22: is a whole team in one. 22’s are born managers. They create the project idea, they plan the project, they build the project, and they execute the project. Because they can play all of these roles so easily, they need to remember that they also have the gift of managing others to build with them and do not HAVE to work alone. 22’s have so much gifted potential, that they may mistake using it solely for themselves vs sharing this potential with others, which will in turn allow them and their followers to rise up. 

Expression Number 33: 33’s have the born tools to heal and teach others. They are excellent with nurturing words of love and discipline, making them effective communicators that actually gets across to the recipient. Most people will seek advice from the 33, and this may seem like an endless burden. As long as the 33 acknowledges and accepts that they are the perfect being to coach and heal others, they will live a fulfilled life purpose.

Author: Ms Kay

Your personal Taurust guide in life and the metaphysical

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