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This week, we talk about how to find out your life path number and what it means! View the previous video here: -This was pre-workout, sorry I look like a slug -I tripped over my words like 486729 times. Bye.

So If you watched my last video, we talked about Numerology as a whole, and if you haven’t I highly suggest you do prior to this one just to cover your basics. Long story short, Numerology is the meaning of – well, pretty much everything. But one of the aspects of Numerology- the sun sign of Numerology per se, is your life path number. 

To get this, you add your date of birth. So if your birthday is March 24th, 2011 – we would add 0+3+2+4+2+0+1+1= 13 and 1+3=4. So 4 would be your life path number. Don’t forget, if it adds to a master number such ass 11, 22 or 33, leave it at that, do not break it down to 1+1,2+2 or 3+3. 

Now that you have your number, let’s go over what it means!

If your life path number is a 1:  You are the father, the King, the Alpha. 1’s are natural born power hungry leaders. The Aries of numerology- They take on the role of ruler, head of the household, and frontlines of the army in life. Their way is the only way they see fit. This can cause power struggles with other domineering signs. 1’s are risk takers and ambitious in life. They want the most out of their existence and will not stand for being left in the shadows. They fight for what they believe in, they are passionate- and they must be careful of their reign for it could be victim to a lonely life. 1’s are original people and not influenced by others. They have a built-in compass in their head and heart when it comes to the path they want to take. They are calculative and not ones to be known as aloof. 1’s are natural role models and climb ladders high and fast. Competition is a sport they mastered at birth. 

If your life path number is a 2: You are the mother, the Queen, the first lady. You are the mastermind behind the scenes and the well respected. The Cancer of the Numbers. You have a nurturing yet authoritative nature that demands integrity, respect, and responsibility. You make sure everyone’s needs are met but you don’t tolerate greed nor weakness. You are strong, powerful in silence and strategic at best. You are the mediator, justice, and resilience. Your loyalty to those you love runs deep but you won’t hesitate to put someone in their place when they cross you. You need to be needed, and you seek serving at will’s grace.

If your life path number is a 3: You are the prodigy, the child, the prospect. 3’s are like the Leo’s of the Numbers. They demand the spotlight and can easily be subject to ignorance. 3’s manipulate their audience with radiant personalities and charm. They long for life and laughter and often make decisions without thought. This can come off as aloof and immature. People are drawn to this positive energy of a 3. They thrive off of face to face contact because they live for entertainment. Life is a show, and they are the star, so expressing themselves is a constant for them. To avoid being shallow, they must try to incorporate routine and discipline into their hectic lifestyle. 

If your life path number is a 4: You most resemble a Capricorn in the world of Astrology. Your need for structure, organization, rules and routine makes you come off as boring and left in the shadows, but you prefer the predictable nature and thrive off of the edges rather than the center. You are humble and witty. Dark humor is what drives you, and you live to be dependable and stable. 4’s are prone to being stubborn due to their struggle to let loose. This is because responsibility is your number one priority and you know what you want out of life, so you waste no time to defend your views or decisions. You are a do-er not a bragger. 

If your life path number is a 5: You are a free and kindred spirit. This most resembles the Sagittarius. 5’s are all about living life to the fullest and enjoying experiences. 5’s want to do it all, they experiment with their routine from one extreme to another, making them unpredictable. However, their loyalty to themselves, their perspective on life, and their dedication to learning is noble and stable in itself. Because of this flexibility, 5’s can adapt to all walks of life in every scenario imaginable. This can bring problems because they attract everybody, even the leeches. Their radar is broken and they have to be wronged in order to steer clear from said crowd. They do not “see it coming” per se. 

If your life path number is a 6: Your vibe is somewhere between a Cancer and a Libra. 6’s take on projects, even people, because they enjoy fixing what is broken and salvaging what is left. They are born nurturers, peacemakers, friends, and lovers. Unfortunately due to their open arms, they attract those who are unfixable and are often taken advantage of. Once their patience runs thin, a 6 will explode into a fire that cannot be tamed. They live for justice and good karma and do not tolerate anything outside of it. They will let it be known you are wronging them and will never let you forget it. If you are a 6, you’ll need to work on putting yourself first and develop a filter for who you let into your life.

If your life path number is a 7: You most resemble the Aquarius. 7’s are inquisitive, unique souls who seek deeper meaning in life and everything in it. They can talk about anything and have given thought to every conspiracy, philosophy and idea. 7’s are observers, analyzers, and prefer to work alone. However, excessive loneliness can turn them bitter. When in a problem-free environment, 7’s are lowkey the life of the party. They are magnetic, interesting and alluring. They want to know why, and how to fully grasp the core of every thought, action and purpose. Their otherworldly perspective is refreshing for more earthbound numbers who are more practical. 

If your life path number is an 8: You resemble Taurus qualities. 8’s are born ambitious and live for stability, growth and practicality. 8’s seek out both sides of physical manifestation and spiritual understanding. If it is not rational, it is not in the mind of an 8. Money is a staple in their life to attain a comfortable peace of mind. Their dedication to having their shit together is admirable and they strive to help others achieve this. Without this admiration from others, 8’s feel they have nothing to be admirable about and can lose themselves in the shadows- prone to self destruction. If they can work past succeeding without an immediate applaud, they can soar. 

If your life path number is a 9: I would best compare you to a Pisces. In numerology, 9’s are the most interesting. And in Astrology, Pisces, the native 12th house, is the only house dedicated to the spiritual realm. 9’s are known for aiding others in their growth and taking no credit for it. 9’s do not seek recognition or trophies, simply adding to someone’s life is their satisfaction. A good example of a 9 would be a monk’s attitude. 9’s treat the janitor with the same candor they would a CEO, as well as they would treat a stranger the same as they would their own mother. Due to their innocent and loving nature, the realities in society sicken the number 9. There is nothing they despise more than selfishness and excuses. This alone can make them hostile to anyone who follows this ignorance. 

If your life path number is an 11: You obtain a master number. 11’s closely resemble the Scorpio in which they live in opposite extremes internally. They are mysterious, and dedicated to companionship. They seek out best friends and soulmates rather than acquaintances and lovers. 11’s live 11 steps ahead of humanity, making them frustrated with themselves. They find themselves the outcast for their higher thinking and become self conscious of it rather than proud. If an 11 can find balance between society and their natural born gifts, they will prosper internally and externally. 

If your life path number is a 22: You are similar to the Zodiac Virgo. 22’s are often left feeling unfulfilled in life due to the fact that they set themselves up for failure. 22’s have high expectations for themselves and others, but in the end, the disappointment leads to harsh shift blame to how they could have done better, even when it is unwarranted and unnecessary. If a 22 could allow themselves to make mistakes and learn from them rather than punish themselves, they can grow immaculate in potential and strength. 22’s are born to be powerful leaders and teachers. They have the love, wisdom, and stability hardwired into them to give room for others to prosper. 

If your life path number is a 33: You are an extremely rare breed. Think of 33 as the whole purpose of the astrology wheel and all it encompasses. 33’s are the highest vibrations and the deity of spirituality. 33’s “get it” and have no room for ego, greed or dishonesty in their heart of wisdom and love. They want everyone to see what they see, and may aim to teach others how to let go and let in. If you are a 33, you are an old and rare soul. Use your purpose as the divine intended. 

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