Visitations From The Dead

This week, we talk about dream visitation from those who passed. What they are, what to do with them, and what to do if you’re not getting them. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! Twitter and IG: @TheTAURUST All graphics made by me, audio and luts purchased by me with proof of ownership.

Just to clarify, by no means am I at all claiming to be a medium of any sort. I’m just sharing my life long experience with you. Another side note is that this video solely goes over visitations in the dream realm, not when you’re awake. 

So, what are visitations? For me, visitations are your family, friends, or pets who have passed over that are visiting you in your dreams. These dreams feel more than dreams, and i’m emphasizing that it FEELS different, because it’s just too vividly surreal and sticks with you for at least the rest of your waking day.

In these dreams, you feel that familiarity of their presence when they arrive. And the dream is more unpredictable. Even those who do and do not lucid dream, have a sort of scripted feel to their unconscious – When we have visitations, we say and do things with them that may not fit the script we’re used to when we’re asleep. 

Why do we get visitations? Well, Personally, I get visitations from those who pass in that general time frame. My visitations use me as a messenger to pass along messages to their family and friends. I’m like Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer except I only do it when I’m asleep. 

I’ve been visited by my family, old friends, beloved pets, and even those I have NOT met before but needed me to pass a message to their loved one who is close to me. That usually happens when they don’t know who else to turn to if their close circle isn’t as receptive. 

Visitations also happen when you need comfort during a stressful time in your life. I want you to keep in mind that time is man made and non existent on the other side, so when we see them and we’re now old and wrinkly, we may be seeing them at a time where on their side, they have already had this visit. Think of how we see stars in the sky after they’ve already died. Same concept. If your loved one has passed away and already crossed over and even reincarnated, it’s not unusual for you to still get visitations from their soul – because of that knowledge I just shared with you. 

Of course, there are loved ones who cannot seem to move on because they feel the need to tie up loose ends here on earth. Most of that is passing along messages to their loved ones. Others that I have encountered just need to talk through it. Especially if their life had ended abruptly or they feel guilt. Once that’s done, you yourself feel lighter and complete having helped, and the visitations sort of dissipate with that said person at least for a while. 

So what do you do when you get these visitations? My best advice for these and any dream you have is to make sure the first thing you do when you wake up is process and remember what happened. Better yet, write it down so you don’t forget. Visitations can take up energy on the other side, so we don’t want it to be a complete waste for them.

Whether or not a message was sent- always always ALWAYS tell someone who is close to them that you had this visitation because even just them hearing that a visit was in place could be the purpose. I cannot tell you how much comfort I’ve brought people simply by just telling them I was hanging out with so and so the other night.

The other thing I want you to do is just be grateful that you got to be apart of this. Not alot of people dream in the first place, so visitations can be really cool for those who aren’t used to it. When you think of things like this, naturally you get freaked out and have anxiety because you think you’re getting haunted in your dreams, but really it’s not like that at all. When you’re asleep, it’s like any other day and you’re at peace. Honestly even in reality, when you think of hauntings they’re scary, but when you see it happen in the moment you’re just like…. Ok then. However, I also grew up in haunted houses so I’m a little desensitized to that..

When you have a visitation, there is a high chance you won’t have much control of how the conversation goes. There might have been so much you wanted to say to a loved once when you finally see them during a visitation, but you don’t think to do it because you’re unaware of what’s happening. Here’s a couple things to help relieve that regretful feeling when you wake up:

The first thing you should know is that whatever you wanted or needed to say has been said without you verbally communicating it. They know how you feel, they know what you want to say – that is why they are there. If you still need to respond, feel free to respond in your head or out loud as you lay in bed pondering the visitation you just had.

The second thing that you can do is practice lucid dreaming as much as you can, so that when you do get another visitation, you can try to steer the conversation as best as you can to get out what you need to say or ask. We’ll go over lucid dreaming in another video, but not today.

Ok, so we know what to do when you have visitations, but what if you are wondering why you’re NOT getting any? Why does your cousin get visited by grandma when you felt you two were closer than they are? Does she not love you like you thought?

So far from the truth.

A lot of the time, we’re just not ready for visitations. We say and feel we are but it might do more damage than good to be teased in such a way. The other part of it is that they are needed elsewhere. Like I said, Time is non-existent on the other side. So let’s say grandma passes away. Two weeks in our time she may say, “Ya know what, I’m ready, I’ve lived my life and I’m ready to move on and leave this lifetime behind” So let’s say out of those 14 physical days, grandma spends 6 days with your cousin who is taking it really hard, or who is going through something, and she spends 5 days with your father, and the other few days just making short rounds on everyone else. Like I said, It can take a lot of energy to visit a loved one, so they may have just been needed more elsewhere, and that’s okay. You will see them again. 

That being said on the fact that time is non-existent, who is to say grandma’s two weeks are over on the other side? What if her day one is tomorrow and her day two is ten years from now when you need her most? There is just no limit to the possibilities, so I hope you’re following this as best as you can. 

Don’t take it personally, they love you, they care about you. They may be sending messages in a different way. Always always pay attention to the language of the universe, because your loved ones are there, too. 

Anyways, there is so much to be said about the other side. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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