Tarot Cards: What are they, are not, & how to use them

This week, we go over what Tarot cards are, are not, and how to use them. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! TheTAURUST.com Twitter and IG: @TheTAURUST Facebook.com/TheTAURUST Purchase your personalized reading here: https://shopthetaurust.com/

So if you don’t know already, Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that have numbers, symbols and suites on them to distinguish different meanings. You may have familiarized yourself with this stigma by envisioning psychic medium witches who have that neon palm reading sign outside their window in which you pay $100 to be scammed. So this will be a refreshing new perspective to tear that stereotype down for you. 

Although there ARE definitely scammers out there, there are tarot card readers who are genuine and really good at what they do. 

The standard Tarot deck that everyone is familiar with is the Rider Waite deck. Although, you can use any tarot deck that works for you, and even a regular deck of playing cards will work if you exclude major arcanas (we’ll get to what those are in a bit).

The saying goes that you should always be GIFTED your tarot deck versus buying it and that no one should ever use your deck. Personally, I don’t really know if I truly believe anything bad will happen if you disobey that, but ironically, my mother gifted me my deck and I’m the only one that reads it. 

So I’m not going to explain the meanings of each of the 78 cards in this video for a number of reasons, but I will explain to you what to expect in a tarot deck. 

First and foremost, you should have major and minor arcana. Major arcana cards are the ones without a suit. So these are cards like The Magician, The Tower, The Sun etc. These cards are said to be important life lessons or like, major aspects in a reading to consider. When these show up in your reading, pay close attention to what and where they are. I mean, pay attention to that for any card, but emphasize it here LOL. 

The Minor arcana cards are the cards you’d see in a standard poker deck except these have pictures. So we have 4 “suits” which are wands, swords, pentacles, and cups. And each of those suits goes from ace, 2-10, to paige, to knight, to queen and king. 

The ace represents the BEGINNING of that suit’s characteristics. 2-10 has their own individual takes depending on the meaning of the number and image. The page is kind of like child’s play, the knight is an impulsive immature but passionate character, the queen is more emotional and nurturing, and the king is more diplomatic. 

Like I said, each suit has their own characteristics, so think of cups as the water signs of the zodiac that are more emotional, nurturing, and naive. The wands which are the fire signs of invention, adventure and passion. The swords which are the air signs of communication, blunt force, and balance. And the Pentacles which are the earth signs of stability, family, and long term goals. The major arcana does not follow this pattern, they are their own individual meanings all together. 

Ok so why do we use tarot cards? Well, I usually encourage using them when you’re so deep in the rabbit hole of your own thoughts and emotions that you cannot seem to get over or through a situation. Obsessing over the past or possible future is one big reason why people look to Tarot cards for clarity. 

The cards will tell you details of a situation from a bird’s eye view. 

What the cards are NOT is a portal to hell and the other side. There is nothing satanic about this, demons will not crawl out of the deck and you won’t be haunted: You my friend, are thinking of a Ouija board – nay nay.

What the cards ARE is a method to tap into your subconscious intuition to allow your 6th sense to see emotion, dialect, and actions as a third person.

Now, the skepticism stems from the question of how does a reader know what they know? Do they hear voices? Does the dead tell them? Did they sell their soul?

No one is selling their soul here but it’s not uncommon for mediums who communicate with the dead to also do readings, although doing a tarot reading requires no contact with the dead and no requirements to hear voices whatsoever.

Personally, I believe that our spirit guides help guide our interpretation of the readings, and also encourage fate to tell us when to stop shuffling and to cut the deck. But there’s never going to be a straight answer for why true clairsentience occurs during a reading. 

After you shuffle and cut the deck, you then lay the cards out one by one in a spread with each position pertaining to its own purpose. I was taught to turn the card to the right when revealing or positioning them but It may not matter. Spreads are like the map of the message you’re reading. The foundation for how the answers will be laid out. Most of you might be familiar with the celtic cross which is a more detailed and lengthy standard reading, however, for beginners I strongly encourage you to get comfortable with a three card spread which you can google the possible readings in a three card spread so that you can familiarize yourself with the cards and your 6th sense. 

You can also create your own spread and dedicate the positions to certain meanings if you wish, I personally like to use pre-made spreads just because, and you can literally look up and use a spread for any scenario you’re looking to get answers to. 

I then go in order from the first card I laid out and create meaning before looking at the next in line. So if 4 of cups was in position 1 in a spread about love and this 1st positions represented how you feel. I would say there is a taste of ungratefulness in the picture. 

After I’ve gone through all the cards in their positions, I look at the spread altogether and try to see the big picture. Usually, some cards won’t tell me so clearly what’s going on, so If I’m stumped and want to know more, I’ll lay more cards on that position to read more into the situation. 

If you see major arcana cards in any of the positions, just take note that its emphasized in that area of the spread. If you have minor arcanas in a placement of your health, but a major arcana in a placement of your relationship, I would interpret that as major life changing things will occur in your relationship that are more important and detrimental to you than any health hiccups you may have.

Trust your intuition when you interpret a spread. If you need more answers, ask for them by placing more cards. If you are still unclear, form the question differently and do a different and maybe more straightforward spread. Like anything, it will take practice before you become confident. Practice on friends and family until you feel comfortable to charge strangers. One thing I will make clear is that you likely will not be able to read your OWN cards. I don’t know any tarot reader that can. You’re too close to the situation, you know yourself too much, it will just cloud you vision and not make sense.

The reason I won’t be explaining all the cards in the deck is because of the fact that a reading is based on interpretation for the moment. Every reading is unique even if you lay out the same cards. So there’s no EXACT meaning for them anyways. 

You CAN however look up meanings online to get you started, but keep in mind that they are suggestions and not concrete meanings. 

You can use Tarot cards when you need to know about Love, Money, Career, and Family. You can inquire about yourself or another person or your relationship with them as well as their relationship with others. You can ask about your spiritual journey, your health, and your talents. The list goes on.

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