How To Be More Spiritual

Today, we go over what spirituality is, what it is not, and why it’s important to take it into consideration.
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Spirituality by definition, is literally just being aware that we are all souls learning lessons here on a physical plane. That’s it. It’s not a religion, not restrictive, not a cult- more like a philosophy if anything. 

When you think of someone who is spiritual, you might like me, think of a woman with wavy hair, a flower crown, flowy clothes, a soft voice, and crystal jewelry – someone who smells like incense and never swears and always talks like they’re from another world. 

Here’s some news for ya. If you are this person, awesome, more power to you. But the reality is that you do not have to be this conforming hippy to be in tune with your spirit. 

Personally, off camera, I swear in nearly every sentence. I’m bold, brash, blunt, and hardly sympathetic towards people. I’m materialistic in many ways, I eat meat, I learn best by making mistakes, and anger is my first emotion. There is NOTHING wrong with this. This does NOT make me more or less spiritual than the average tree hugger. 

Spirituality has nothing to do with your religious background. When I was a kid I thought I was catholic, I made my mom take me to church and quickly realized it wasn’t for me and became a scientologist/atheist/nothing until about my 20’s, where I practiced Buddhism, a philosophy not a religion, with my Thai family and Laos friends. But throughout all of that, I have been spiritual. 

Do not associate spirituality with ANYTHING that isn’t solely the acknowledgement that we are all just here in a physical vessel learning a lesson so we can advance in the spirit world and take with us what we’ve learned. That this one lifetime is only a fraction of significance to the bigger picture. If anything were to compare to spirituality, it would be mindfulness. Being aware. 

What does being aware mean? It means that no matter what emotion or action you endure and pursue, you are fully aware that it is all part of growth. You are constantly trying to do better and grow so that this lifetime shows progress rather than regression. You go through challenges knowing that this too shall pass, and that you must experience this in order to grow. This makes life so much easier on the heart, because it gives you the mentality that you need to go through some things in order to advance. And how you respond to these challenges matter. If you endure obstacles with closed eyes, you will continue being thrown that obstacle until you learn. 

So when good things happen that elate you, think of this as life rewarding you. Your spirit guides are praising you and saying, “good job! You’re on the right path, you made the decision you were supposed to make, here is a treat for good work” When you notice this and take this into consideration, naturally you want to keep doing whatever brings good results physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That awareity is spirituality, because now you are growing. 

Spirit guides are souls who are your senior, who help you in this lifetime and possibly multiple lifetimes. Some people have a team of guides, some have a few, and there is quite possibility some of you only have 1. Either way, these guides are just that, your guides. 

Just like pets and babies learn by reward and discipline, so do our souls with our spirit guides as our mentors that we can only see and hear when we want to. 

One thing I do want to emphasize and may be the reason you are here is that when you actively ignore your spirit guides, or metaphorically slap them in the face when they helped you – they will test your growth and discipline you with harder challenges. They will try to break you in order to build you up. 

Why is everything in your life going wrong? Why are you always depressed? Why don’t you ever get what you want? 

You’re not listening. 

You can’t have a one way relationship with your guides. You can’t expect them to reward you and have you take the credit for it, and you can’t blame everyone but yourself for the ailments in your life. If you want to pay your spirit guides back, and keep the relationship fruitful, you need to be more spiritual.

And to do this, you need to first acknowledge: the law of karma, that everything happens for a reason, and that your spirit guides are here to help you grow. When something goes right, say to yourself or out loud, “Thank you! I acknowledge your help, I am so grateful” or if something goes wrong ask yourself or out loud, “What is it you are trying to teach me?” 

If you are religious, you may be asking God this anyways. But in spirituality, we acknowledge that our guides are those who are personally working with us. Letting them know that we are here to listen and understand creates a harmony that you will actively see transform in front of you once you give credit where it’s due. 

When I talk about opening your ears and eyes to your guides, it doesn’t mean you will literally see and hear a figure talk to you directly. If you do, I’m jealous, but it’s more than that. 

If you recall my first video talking about the language of the universe, you remember that the language of the universe is sought through symbolism. Personal significance, Metaphysical symbolism like tarot cards, using your natal chart to help guide you, and even dream interpretations are all signs of the universe and in turn your spirit guides. 

Anyways, I hope this leaves you some sort of relief if you were feeling bad about cursing like a sailor or being promiscuous but also wanting to be more in tune with your spirituality. Be yourself, and just work on growing everyday. The only wrong path is the one that is ignored.

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